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Bartering with Vendors

currencyHow to negotiate:
1) Set a price in your head of what you feel the merchandise is worth. The way I look at it is, if I saw this merchandise in a store, what price tag would have to be on it to make me feel comfortable buying it.

2) Let the vendor tell you his price.

3) Laugh out loud, or make some kind of gesture to show him or her how rediculous this price is.

4) Let him make the first move downward.

5) Laugh at this price.

6) By now, the vendor will hand you a calculator.

7) Enter a price well be low your ceiling, but high enough to keep negotiations going. (If the offer from the vendor is $30 and your ceiling is $15, put in a $9 offer.

8) He or she will laugh and tell you there is no way that price will work. Give the calculator back and tell him to enter a new price closer to yours. He will come back with an offer of $23.

9) Your first move should be your largest, showing that you are willing to deal. (make an offer of $12, and any subsequent offer should be in increments of $1). Make sure that during this negotiation, you look uncomfortable with the price.

10) If he goes to talk to the manager, you know you have a deal. During this discussion with the manager, take an opportunity to get your money together.

11) The vendor’s last offer will be close to yours. Hold up $1 less than your final offer. (you do this because the vendor, after you make the deal will ask for $1 tip for making this deal so sweet for you. This way you can give the dollar and not feel like you’ve been taken)

12) Once the offer is accepted, appear to be uncomfortable with the transaction. The vendor will feel proud that he got you to come up from your original offer, and will be happy to deal with you again later.

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